This website is a place to explore classroom technology resources and ways to use them in your classroom.

Just like colored white board markers and posters on the walls, technology enhances education. When used well, it captures students interests, gives them different ways to learn and master content, and shows them ways to use that knowledge in the wider world. It helps teachers differentiate lessons, quickly assess learning, track progress, and grow as teachers themselves.

Some things to think about as you begin…

  • Before planning homework assignments that need access to technology, you must know your students and their circumstances. Technology needs to be used equitably in and out of the classroom.
    “In the Classroom” is fairly easy – one school supplied device per student or group of students so everyone can participate.
    The problems arise when you send home work that requires technology since not every student has equal access at home. Be prepared to offer information to help families get online. If any students can not complete technology based assignments at home,  save tech use for the classroom, where the students can support each other and send old fashioned book and paper work home.
  • Make sure you teach your students how to use technology ethically. Everyone needs to know and understand what academic honesty means and what plagiarism actually is. Everyone needs to know what cyber-bullying is and what the consequences are for everyone involved. Images, videos, music, and other content that is posted online belongs to someone. Everyone needs to know that copying things and using them without permission is a form of stealing and they need to know how to get permission and how to find things that are free to use.
  • Teach your students to use their digital voices responsibly. When someone looks them up online, what sort of digital footprint will they find? Thoughtful posts or embarrassing content? Hurtful comments or supportive ideas that make the world better?
    What’s online is online forever. Students need to be aware that things they post online or send to others is not private and is no longer controlled by them, that anyone else can see it, share it, and comment on it. Teach students to make their footprint something to be proud of forever.